• The home of Whistling Buoy wines, is a family-owned boutique vineyard and winemaking company situated within the Crater of Lyttelton Harbour, Banks Peninsula. From two unique sites they grow, and produce limited quantities of terroir-specific wines of great individuality and character. the work to ensure that vines are managed and cropped under sustainable certification, guaranteeing the best quality fruit possible from each vineyard site. These are exceptional wines from two exceptional


The Team

Renan (The grumpy french man)

  • I have been looking after Meniscus Vineyard since 2010 and have taken over FrenchPeak Wines and vineyard in 2016.

  • I have a passion for organic farming and "hands off" natural winemaking techniques.

  • With a degree of Viticulture and Oenology from Montpellier (South of France) I decided to travel through Australia and New Zealand for a year in 2008.

  • 11 years later, I am still here and have met the two love of my life: Joey (a local girlwho loves penguins, horses and good wine) and Akaroa!

  • I strongly believe that Banks Peninsula is a very unique and special place to grow distinctive wines.

  • When I am not taking you on a discovery of Banks Peninsula vineyards or tasting wines, you will find me in the vineyards, working and geeking out about soil and biodiversity!

Joey - Wonder wife

I am a fifth-generation farmer on the peninsula and I truly discovered the art of appreciating viticulture and the art of wine making after marrying my husband renan Cataliotti, manager of Meniscus wine and owner of French Peak wine.

Being a nature guide for Pohatu penguins, our family business, for many years now, I am very excited to take on this new project of show casing the wines we make on the peninsula. Helping others dive into the world of fine wine and caring for the land, something that my husband feels very strongly about and ensuring unique wines.


My husband and I are involved from beginning to end with the Production process with many hours  spent working in the vineyard, From hardships and hilarity when knowing that we depend on mother nature cooperating with us to happiness when things work out and at the end of the day relaxing with a glass of wine that we made from scratch. Now we get to share these stories with you on the Bonjour wine tour.

Sue – Nature Guide

In 2012, I trained as a tour guide in Tasmania Australia, also an island with distinctive wildlife. With a love of the outdoors, I developed a respect and appreciation for native wildlife. My bird knowledge expanded after intensive training in bird identification.


As Tasmania and New Zealand share many marine bird species, it’s wonderful to be able to use and refine this knowledge here in Canterbury and now in Flea Bay. I’ve travelled to several English speaking countries but New Zealand captured my interest and my heart. Now I’m surrounded by French people, without the cost of an airfare ! I’m passionate about New Zealand and have been taking people around greater Canterbury and Christchurch for the past 4 years. Although I had been to Akaroa many times, I’d never explored the hidden gem over the hill at Flea Bay. It’s a truly spectacular place. I look forward to sharing it’s enchanting features with you.

Kevin - Behind the computer

Arrived as many others on a working holiday visa, I travelled a lot around New Zealand and was fortunate enough to have met a kiwi here in French Akaroa.

Having growing up in the Medoc in France near Bordeaux, young, I have played in vineyards from morning to dawn and so when Renan asked me if I would like to be involved in a wine tour, this just made sense and I couldn’t say no.


Primarily working as a Sea-kayaking guide and now as the General Manager for Pohatu penguins; a family business running eco-tours; creating “The Bonjour Wine tour” to French Peak and Meniscus wine was as easy as one, two, three.

You won’t see me driving but I am here behind the computer and helping you in any way I can.

Banks Peninsula Wine Tour

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What could be more “A la French” than spending some of your day in the beautiful vineyards of New Zealand? Say ‘Oui’ to this small group tour of the French village of Akaroa.