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Welcome to Banks Peninsula - Te Pataka o Rakaihautū.

Time to sit back and relax!

Let us take you on a journey for the senses...


Explore Akaroa harbour's hidden treasures while learning about our unique history and geology as we visit some of our local award-winning producers and take in the tranquil surroundings and gorgeous vistas as we go.

On a short drive from Akaroa to French peak award-winning vineyard and an award-winning Olive grove, you will learn all about the rich history of our very unique region, from the Maori to the French and British settlers and how the landscape was carved by different cultures.


At magical viewpoints you will experience the feeling of living inside an extinct volcano with its unique geology and discover how the soil contributes to the subtle aromas of our wines and food.

A local produce tasting platter will take you on a discovery to our food abundant peninsula and a perfect wine matching experience. From locally smoked Akaroa salmon to the amazing Takamatua grown olives, with locally made patés to go with Barry's bay cheeses seasonal local greens and nuts.


The final stop of your journey is at the Akaroa Gin distillery where all essences of the peninsula are gathered in one drink. Kelp, rosehip, grapes, lavender, and thyme are all subtly mixed to create a unique taste of the peninsula.

For a relaxing afternoon and wanting to learn all about our local produces - wines, food and histories, reserve your glass today, book now and don’t miss out on this space-limited, ever popular experience!


Vegan friendly platters available on demand. 

As of now we have our Akaroa based tour below and very soon we will be opening tours which can pick up From Christchurch.

For special events, feel free to get in touch.

Experience the peninsula with us.

Taste a range of local award winning produces and wines from Banks Peninsula’s boutique vineyards

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Old French Road olive oil
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French Peak Wines
A surprise "Wine maker's choice"
Reserve your glass today, book now and don’t miss out on this
space-limited, ever popular experience!

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